100 years Russian Revolution

1917 -2017 how the world was changed at the beginning of the 20th century

About Me

Photographing on the edge of history. Describing by photos moments of social change.

Roelof Foppen has photographed since he was 7 when he used his parents’ box camera and made the first pictures on 6×9 film.
During his study Sociology, he used his camera to report as a sociologist in the field, focusing on social relationships in a rapidly changing environment. Now he has further professionalized, this is reflected in pervasive images of nature and culture in the most diverse places in the world. In addition to his series of the former Soviet Union his focus is now to America, Africa and Asia.

Cities like New York, Manila, Qingdao and Singapore where het New Human lives are breeding places for the future.
But also European cities with strongly changing social relationships like Berlin, Paris and London and – not last home base Amsterdam – reproduce the multitude of social relationships.

Trending Theme: 100 year Russian Revolution
by Roelof Foppen
Travel to the Solovetski Islands in the White Sea.
Blueprint of the Gulag system of concentration camps in the former Soviet Union.

Special Edition Portfolio Roelof Foppen

The White Sea, or in ancient times also called the Icy Sea, honors its name. The first thing that strikes on the island is the lead-gray domes with crosses of the monastery. Around the monastery are walls of massive basalt blocks of the kremlin. Ever in the 15th century, two monks came to the idea of establishing a monastery here at the end of the world. The monastery is one of the most important centers of the Russian Orthodox church. After the revolution the monastery is closed.
By decree Lenin decided in 1924 that Solovki became a camp for criminals and political prisoners. For the communist party one and the same group. In practice, thieves, killers, scientists, intellectuals were locked together, with the former holding a true terror of war among the latter.


Favorite Photographers

influenced by some of these great timeless photographers

Alexei Titarenko
Russian photographer born in 1964 in Leningrad, master of street photography

Peter Lindbergh
Innovating fashion photographer born in 1955 in Poland.

Diane Arbus (1973-1971) New York
Photographer of marginalized people—dwarfs, giants, transgender people, nudists, circus performers…

Alexander Gronsky
Russian born in 1980 in Tallin, photographer of city landscapes.

Boris Mikhailov
Born in the former Soviet Union in 1938 in Kharkov. Master of social documentary photography.

Gerard Fieret
Most underrated Dutch photographer. Inspired Araki. The Hague 1924-2009.